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Australia’s Best Family-friendly Destinations

Australia, a continent and country in itself, is a paradise for tourists. Speak of the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonder, or the Opera House, a man-made wonder, an Australia tour has a mélange of attractions to offer. Soak in the sun along the coast, or delve deep into the rainforests, Australia will never stop wooing tourists. Are you planning family tours to Australia? Just skim through the list below, to get an idea about the places to visit in Australia with family. 

The Great Barrier Reef

World’s biggest single structure made by living organisms, world’s largest coral reef system, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef answers to all these descriptions. A treasure house of magic stored under water by nature, this is a must-include in the list of places to visit in Australia with family. The best way to experience this under-water thrill is to get on a cruise boat with a glass bottom. If you are in for some more adrenaline-pumping action, you can opt for scuba diving or snorkeling. Just imagine being surrounded by multi-colored corals, sparkling and shining! This is one of Australia’s best family-friendly destinations, and will probably provide you with the best memories. 

The Great Ocean Road

In Australia, every attraction is great; so is the Great Ocean Road. As suggested by the name, it is a scenic coastal road that offers endless fascinating views of the vast ocean. This 243 kms stretch of road lies between the cities of Torquay and Allansford, and offers one of the world’s best scenic drives. More to add, this is dedicated to the soldiers killed during World War I, thus making this road world’s largest war memorial. Every Australia tour will have a drive on this road as a mandatory inclusion. Great Ocean Road is definitely among the places to visit in Australia with family that will give you the money’s worth.

Blue Mountain National Park

When you plan family tours to Australia, there are some places that offer a cluster of nature’s most dramatic features. Blue Mountain National Park is one such. It is one of the best among places to visit in Australia with family; it has deep gorges, sandstone cliffs, aboriginal paintings, majestic waterfalls, all in one go for the entire family.A trip to Blue Mountains will treat you with a ride on Scenic Railway, one of the world’s steepest passenger railways. So hold tight to your seats, and gear up for the action. 

Sydney Opera House and Sydney Tower

There are very few who won’t recognize pictures of Opera House, the iconic landmark of Sydney. Unique futuristic design of this building catches our eyes from far. An Australia tour is incomplete without a visit to this architectural masterpiece. Visit the splendid exteriors and the colossal interiors where great art performances take place, to get the vibes of modern Australia. 

Apart from Opera House, there is Sydney Tower too, which is another ode to human engineering skills. This is the tallest structure in Sydney, and is open for public viewing. From the far stretching beaches, to Blue Mountains in the distance, the observational area on top offers a panoramic view of Sydney. One of the best places to visit in Australia with family, Sydney will surely charm every tourist.

Melbourne Tour

Melbourne, one of the largest cities of Australia, is amongAustralia’s best family-friendly destinations. A guided tour of the city will take tourists to a host of attractions, which include Royal Exhibition Building, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and so on. Shrine of Remembrance is a prominent landmark dedicated to soldiers who lost their lives in World War I. For those in the family who are cricket-crazy, there is the highly acclaimed Melbourne Cricket Ground, where a lot of action has taken place. Melbourne is one of the best places to visit in Australia with family, as it has something for everyone.

Philip Island, Melbourne

Visit Australia and not see its iconic Koalas and penguins? Is that possible? Philip Island which is a slight detour from Melbourne, is the place for this. Australia tour sans Philip Island tour means you are missing the wild life fun. A day in this tranquil abode of nature will let you watch koalas in their natural habitat, and cute little penguins too. It is a breathtaking sight to watch dozens of penguins marching in the same pattern as they head to shores in the evening. Any more reasons to state this as one among the best places to visit in Australia with family? 

Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park

While thinking of family tours to Australia, do you wish to have an insight into the traditions and cultures of Australian aboriginal people? If yes, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park is for you. This is a place where you find people dressed in the same manner as ancient aborigines, with colorful tattoos all over their bodies. They sing and dance in the same way. Through a series of programs, the performers tell tales of the ancients, how they lived, how they feasted and hunted. This is one of the best places to visit in Australia with family, in order to inculcate a respect for traditions in the younger generation. 

Snorkeling, a ride in the jet-ski, thrilling carnivals or relaxing in the white sandy beaches, Australia has got it all! A well-planned Australian tour requires a perfect itinerary and an experienced guide; at Fortune Tours, we provide you with both and more with our grand Australia tour package. Connect with Fortune Tours now.