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11 Best Places to Visit in Beijing

Beijing, the city of Oriental culture, has long been a fascination for tourists. From magnificent palaces and old temples, to modern high-rises and upmarket streets, Beijing has a plethora of attractions suited to every kind of tourist. There are so many things to do in Beijing that you will be at a loss searching for the best among those. So if you would like some information about the places to visit in Beijing in 2 days, the below list can be helpful to you.

Great Wall of China:

This prized possession of Chinese heritage is undoubtedly the best among Beijing attractions. Though called ‘The Great Wall,’ it is in fact a collections of walls and other fortifications systems. It can be accessed from many places in Beijing. The wall with its many branches measure up to more than 20,000 kms. Climbing the steep steps and walking along the wall, you will be amazed about the brilliance of ancient Chinese civilization. Great Wall China

Forbidden City:

A name that invokes curiosity in tourists, Forbidden City is a palace complex that presents a fine example of ancient Chinese architecture. An essential part of most Beijing tours, this structure can take up your entire day if you are an architecture buff. Forbidden City has one of the world’s largest collection of ancient artefacts. Though public is still forbidden from entering a part of the complex, the parts open for viewing are enough to leave you open-mouthed with wonder. Such is the splendor and grandeur that oozes from every part of it. 

Summer Palace:

Among the places to visit in Beijing in 2 days, Summer Palace is one that abounds in natural beauty as well as architectural beauty. An assortment of palatial structures, gardens, and lakes, Summer Palace is a feast for your eyes. Majestic ornamental palace peacefully nestled along the shores of a pretty lake will give you an idea about the aesthetic sense of ancient Chinese rulers.

Temple of Heaven:

This is one among Beijing attractions that has a religious value attached to it. This was a temple where Chinese emperors offered prayers for good harvest. Though a religious place, tourists today visit the place for viewing the architectural finery. Tall circular spires are adorned with ornamental drawings. There is a vast open space nearby, which is used by tourists for recreational purposes.

Tiananmen Square:

If you have to include a touch of recent history to your list of places to visit in Beijing in 2 days, Tiananmen Square is a must-visit. For the record, it is just an open area with concrete structures, designed for public gatherings. It is the massive massacre that happened here in 1989 that made this a popular spot. A group of student protestors were fired at, and thousands dropped dead in this detestable incident. One of the things to do in Beijing is to visit the place and pay respects to those who lost their lives.  

Ming Dynasty Tombs:

Ming dynasty was one of the most powerful dynasties that ruled over China. A collection of thirteen tombs of the emperors of this dynasty is a revered place for Chinese. It is among the places to visit in Beijing in 2 days that will give you the money’s worth. A splendid pathway that leads to the tombs is fenced by majestic statues on both sides. With stone thrones, underground palaces and artefacts, these tombs provide us with an insight into the lives of rulers in China.

Jingshan Park:

Jingshan Park can be definitely a part of the places to visit in Beijing in 2 days, as it is conveniently located close to Forbidden City. Most Beijing tours consolidate these attractions in a day. As it is located on a hill close to Forbidden City, this park offers a panoramic view of the City. It is also known as Fengshui Park, since the construction was in accordance with the Fengshui traditions.  

Lama Temple:

Lama Temple is one among Beijing attractions that throw light on the culture and traditions of Tibetan Buddhists. This temple is a confluence of Chinese and Tibetan architectures. The prayer wheels and colorful motifs take us to a sacred world. Though a worship place, tourists too throng the place for its splendor. 


If you wish to include some live action in the list of places to visit in Beijing in 2 days, do not miss Wangfujing Street. This is one of the happening shopping areas of Beijing. For those who love to explore Chinese street food, this is the place to be. Roadside shops treat you to a variety of sweet and sour items, some of which you might have never even heard of.  Wangfujing Street Beijing

Gulou and Zhonglou:

Gulou and Zhonglou, also called as Drum Tower and Bell Tower, are the remnants of ancient Chinese systems of time-keeping. Located in a vantage point in the city, these towers will give aerial views of Beijing. In olden times, it was used by rulers to announce times at specified intervals. A visit to these towers is one of the things to do in Beijing which will connect you with ancient times.

Beijing National Aquatics Center:

A step away from ancient structures, National Aquatic Center is among the Beijing attractions famous for its engineering brilliance. It can be included in the places to visit in Beijing in 2 days provided you have as much liking for modern construction, as you have for ancient architecture. See the flawless construction, and you can’t help being in awe of the Chinese.

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