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Rann Utsav 2019: All You Need to Know About the Incredible Desert Fest

Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is a world like no other. Miles of white salt desert resembles snow, but step into it, and the feel is totally different. It is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. The area that remains hidden deep under water during monsoons puts on a saintly white attire during winter months when water evaporates and salt comes out. This is the time when Rann Utsav happens.

What is Rann Utsav?

If you wish to summarize the event in a few words, you can call it a cultural extravaganza that presents a slice of Kutchi life before hungry eyes of tourists. A huge tented city comes alive during this period in the village, Dhordo in Kutch. Rann Utsav is conducted by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited. The event portrays authentic Kutchi craft, art, music, dance, and food. 

When is Rann Utsav Celebrated?

rann Utsav
The celebration of colors and culture is reserved for the winter season in every year. The event initially started as a three-day festival. Popularity of Rann Utsav grew with every passing year. Now it is a mass celebration that spans over a period of 3 to 4 months starting from November and extending to March in the following year. Rann Utsav 2019 will end only in March 2020.  

Things to do at Rann Utsav

Are you in a mood to plan your next holiday in tandem with the Rann Utsav? It will be helpful if you get an idea about the all the entertainment waiting for you in the white heaven.

Cultural Treat

 Rann Utsav
Gujarati folk music has a capacity to sooth every aching heart. In the Utsav, you can see musical performances by folk artists from all over the state of Gujarat. And there are folk dances too! Traditional dance forms by colorfully decked up local women will add shine to the shimmering white sand. So sit back and relax a variety of cultural events.

Stay in a Tent

Stay in a Tent
Rann Utsav is all about tented accommodations. There are tents everywhere and if you plan on staying at the venue, you get to stay in one. Don’t be disheartened hearing the word. Tents are not mere make-do shacks. They come with all facilities and luxuries too in some cases. Rann Utsav is the best place where you can try a tent accommodation if you are a first timer.

A Night Under Moonlit Sky

Full moon is very special in this celebration merely because of its magnificence. Spending a night under moonlit sky in a white desert feels ethereal. If you are interested in watching a full moon in the open, there is no place like Rann Utsav for this. Imagine a night with serene white beauty surrounding you on all sides and a yellow ball guiding and guarding you from above!

Go for Camel Rides

Camel Ride
Camel, the perennial presence of all deserts, is very common in Kutch. During the festival, there are camel rides available at the venue. Climb on top of a camel and enjoy a bumpy trip around the village. If you like more comfortable rides, there are carts pulled by camels which will be a smoother experience.

Adventure Activities

If you are an adventure-crazy person, there is enough for you to try out at Rann Utsav. Go for a desert safari in a four-wheeler specially arranged for the purpose. Or try some adrenaline pumping activities such as zip lining, ATV rides, or paragliding. A hot air balloon ride will also be an enjoyable experience. It will be sheer fun to ride in a balloon over miles of white beauty.

Shopping Unlimited

Shopping  Rann Utsav
When a trip is combined with shopping options, it gives us double joy. Rann Utsav is the venue where you can pack your bags to the brim with all unique items. Gujarati handicraft is exquisite and unique. And so is the textile variety. Mirror work and hand-made embroidered clothing will tempt you to scoop away the entire shops. When you come back from Kutch, you will have all colorful stuff in your bags!

Spiritual Outing

There are several temples in the area which will provide tourists with a wonderful spiritual experience. From exquisitely carved Swaminarayan Temple to the tiny Dattatreya temple, every experience is going to be relaxing. For those who wish more, there are meditations and yoga camps organized at the venue.

Yummy Food

Last but not the least, Gujarati food is a totally delectable experience. Anyone who has tasted a Gujarati thali will vouch for its delicious blend. Try out a staple village food experience or eat in the enormous dining halls of the festival, you are sure to have lip-smacking food. 

How to go for Rann Utsav

Gujarat Tourism Department provides several tour packages with different inclusions. There are two and three day packages, and even full moon packages. Accommodations provided will also vary according to the difference in tour package cost. It is better to get your booking done through an authentic tour provider to avoid last minute confusions.

There is perhaps no better time to visit the perennial white desert of Gujarat’s Rann than during the festive season. From the lovely folk dances to the joy of a camel ride and the wonderful experience of spending the night in the desert under a beautifully moonlit sky, explore the best of culture and tradition in Gujarat’s Rann this season. Check out the Indian Group Tour Packages by Fortune Tours for a safe and adventurous trip.