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Extend Your UAE Tourist Visa

What do I need to apply

  1. A copy of guarantor’s passport’s first, last and visa pages
  2. A copy of guarantor’s Emirates ID
  3. A copy of each visitor’s passport’s first and last pages
  4. Each visitor’s passport-size photograph, taken against a white background
  5. Each visitor’s passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months
  6. Guarantor’s U.A.E residence visa copy with a minimum validity of 3 months

Frequently Asked Questions

A same day Visa change is specifically designed for customers who need to change or extend their existing UAE tourist visa to a new UAE tourist visa on the same day i.e. within less than 24 hours. Fortune has 2 options : “Visa change by flight” to a “Visa change – Within the Country” (No exit required)

No. The customers do not need to exit to their home country. Fortune has 2 options :”Visa change via a flight” and a “Visa change – Within the Country” (no exit required).

There is no security deposit required to be paid at the airport for most nationalities. But certain nationalities may be required to deposit a refundable amount of Rs000 with Fortune

All overstay fines have to be paid directly at the immigration counter.

For tourist visa, the passport should be valid for at least six months from the date of travel.

The Visa approval is at sole discretion of the immigration authorities. In case of any rejection in providing a new visa, Fortune does not bear any responsibility for the application charges and no refund will be provided. In case of “Visa change by Flight” the visa applicant can stay at the airport for a maximum of 24-48 hours, post which they must arrange for a flight ticket directly to their home country from the respective airport.